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December 01, 2010



Colleen, congrats with the words! It sounds like you've made a great start.

I'm with you on the Christmas - at least part of the way. A little bit goes a long way as far as I'm concerned. My adult children put up the tree on Thanksgiving day. Waaaay too early in my opinion but they wanted to do it. Since we will have grandchildren in the house we need to have a tree. But if it were up to me, we'd be tree-less despite the 10,000 ornaments we have! One year we had a giant poinsettia plant on the coffee table (instead of a tree no kids in the house) and it was gorgeous, lasted such a very long time (it was still green when summer was over; I can't remember how long after that)and no ornaments to hang! A long enough comment I guess; one might think this was my blog.

Happy Holidays!

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