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May 21, 2010



I have this project on my "to-do" list for this summer. I may be asking you for tips! This looks awesome and he is a very appreciative kiddo! That always makes it fun.


I'm working on my 4th t-shirt quilt right now! So fun! I love the pieced shirts down the back!


I love this. I want to do this with my kids baby clothes that I have been saving. One problem, I don't sew! Boo Hoo. If you know of any whom would want to do this project, let me know!


That quilt is filled with memories! Love how you did the back!


I don't blame you for jumping the gun...he certainly looks very happy with his wonderful quilt!!! Great t-shirt quilt!



What a special gift, I'm sure he thinks it's great!


Great Quilt!

Mickey White

This is so nice ; love the back of it , too ! I have a Harley Davidson T-shirt quilt I had made for my husband ; the back is plain !! Yours is WONDERFUL !!! (we like ours , too ! ) thanks for sharing !

Katy S

I want to make one of these for my daughter. I love your idea of putting them into strips. I think I will try this. Thanks!

Carol Hansen

I need to show this one to my daughter. She has been collecting family T-shirts and cutting them up in preparation for making a quilt.


This is a really great T-shirt quilt! I made one for my daughter years ago but it wasn't nearly as nice as this!


Such a great keepsake for your son! I wouldn't have been able to wait either! Well done.


so cool! I like how you laid out the shirts with this! I have a college t-shirt quilt in my wip pile from 8 years ago. I need to pull it out again and make something like this :)


I love this quilt and I also have made a few of them for my favourite people. I am sure you had fun making it. My daughter loves hers she has had it for almost 13 years and it is well loved.

Aunt Spicy

That is hands down the BEST shirt quilt I have ever seen! Way to go!


Man, I wish I would have thought about saving my kids old t-shirts. I was always just so glad to get it out of their drawer and into the garbage so they would quit wearing those raggy shirty.
Your quilt looks great.


What a fun quilt--I made a t-shirt quilt some time ago


I'm sure he'll treasure this always. Great Job!


That's one great memory quilt. I would have found it hard keeping it a secret too.

E. deMars

fun quilt and obviously he loves it!!

Alia Ghulam

this is so much fun! i have heard of these and want to try one very soon!


It's a great quilt for a young man!


This is one of the best t-shirt quilts I've seen. I love the backs on the back!


Wonderful job! Casey looks quite pleased with it.

Janet Brady

I've made a couple of these. They're fun and make great graduation/off to college gifts. Great job!

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