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February 06, 2006


evil sister in law

Welcome back!!!
I missed the daily installments of blog.
If those are your idea of bad pictures, you must still be on lots of drugs!!!Casey looks so handsome. Glad you are out and about. Keep up the good work.
love, t


Hey! So good to "hear" from you in the flesh so to speak. You had me chuckling with your narrative of the Target expedition and your son is seriously just about the cutest! It even looked like he coordinated his shirt and tie with his dates dress, now that is sweet. He has a great smile, I can see him on the pro golf circuit someday, making all kinds of new fans with the ladies. Glad you are healing, although slowly. hugs, Michele


Hey Colleen,

Are you sure you didn't stop and pick up a copy of the "Star"?

I will be glad to share my copy with you.

Let me know if you'd like to take a stroll at Balboa Island and a cruise on the ferry.

Glad you are back!


Kimberly Hennen

Welcome back Colleen!
I've gotten used to checking out your daily installments, so was becoming a bit worried when you took a break! I'm glad to hear you're healing fine and just cranky. You've come a long way baby!
Casey is soooo cute. His girlfriend reminds me a lot of you at that age :)
Love ya,
Cousin Kim


Good to see you sounding like yourself, Colleen....LOL... seriously, it is good to see you getting better.... and Casey is looking good as ever

Dreaded Mother-in-law

So good to hear from you, Cranky Pants and all. Didn't it feel wonderful to SHOP??? The pictures of Casey and Ashley are so good. I think she looks like you too. Don't overdue please. It does sound like you're getting better, slow but sure.


Hey, Cranky Girl--Glad to hear you're up and around. Not to sound like a worrier or anything, but take it slow. Quit wrestling hatchbacks, ok? Love you.


Glad to get an update, Too, C. Hope today is a little easier on you. Maybe you just really need to go to Coldstone's.

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