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January 24, 2006


Dreaded Mother-in-law

I don't know how someone like you,who has just gone through all kinds of hell, can make me lol, but you did. Somehow I can picture you richocheting down the hall, having the sick kind of humor that I do. So glad and relieved that you are feeling better (forget Tuesday) and will soon be winging your way back to paradise lost. I'm sure Chance will jump in your lap the first chance he gets, so beware!

evil sister in law

Glad everything is coming out all right now. This too shall pass, keep walking and say hello to Mork for me. t


How do you retain that sense of humor with all the crap you've been through? ;o) Hope you doctor appointments go well tomorrow and the next day and you are on your way back home by the weekend. hugs, Michele


Hey, Ricochet Girl--Have I ever told you that the side effect of many pain medicines is constipation?
Sorry you had a poopie (snort) day. Get well soon and go home.

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