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January 22, 2006



It is great to have you back at the keyboard! Yes, it is good to have goals and shopping at 2peas is an excellent one. I bet those bruises are pretty spectacular. Get your rest and enjoy that trash TV. hugs, Michele

evil sister in law

Welcome back!
We missed your blogs. Sue was an excellent sub, and should start her own. Glad you found something to love at Starbucks, the boys like the Vanilla Bean-creme frap. They give it two thumbs up.I of course love the peppermint mocha. Keep blogging and we'll stay tuned.

Dreaded Mother-in-law

Glad you're back at the keyboard. I'm also glad you're getting good drugs. Why suffer, I say. I'm sure you'll be back at the books before long. I just started P.D. James'newest: The Lighthouse. Excellent! I love her mysteries. Something about those Brits that makes worthwhile reading. Keep resting (I'm really good at that).

Cousin Sarah

You go girl! I'm so proud of you! You'll have to read Sark's "change your life without getting out of bed"... something we can all aspire to..
Love Sarah


I'm glad you're getting there, C. Maybe 2Peas will be just the right dose of insanity you need to feel normal today- ha!


Slow recovery is best. I should know.

We will have you dashing soon enough.

Casey was at Bolsa Chica Saturday with the AP Environmental Science class.

I let him know I missed you. And was still watching him too!

That Mr. Gardiner is a gem.

More gossip later, can't wait until YOU are ready for visitors.

Torrey and I spend some well earned money yesterday at Happy Nails and there was another incident there involving the same manicurist.

Remember - Happy Nails. Perhaps it should Snappy Nails!



Hey Colleen, welcome back!! Although we'll miss Suzie's updates, it's great to hear directly from the patient! Your on the road to a quick recovery now, but don't overdue it! Enjoy lounging, the trashy t.v. and pain meds while you can :)!!
Really looking forward to seeing you soon (and your new additions!)...
Take care,

molly youle

I agree with the mother in law and the drugs! Why Suffer? I am so proud of you for choosing to do something so scary but so helpful! Skip trashy tv and get into some trashy books! I'll tune in later!

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