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January 26, 2006


Dreaded Mother-in-law

I'm glad you got the drains out but not happy with your bad news. Let's hope for the best. I know you'll be happy to get home after the ordeal you've been through. Let me know if I can do anything. I will think positive thoughts.


Glad to hear you're going home, Colleen. There's no place like home.... I hope your recovery proceeds well and that your bad news turns out to be good news. Safe travels...

evil sister in law

&%$@#!$#%$#%##@$^ I am still hoping for that happy ending. You have gone through so much and deserve it. I know the boys will be overjoyed to see you, especially Casey. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Hang in there!
love, Tina

Favorite Fabulous sister

I'm happy you get to go home and sad that you're leaving. BTW, this is the most fab city in the U.S. you are referring to as a hell hole. If it's good enough for Mork it's good enough for us!!! I miss the warm sun too. It's just a little nippy.
Get well and we'll take it from there...You know you are surrounded by people who love you.
Give Chance and Casey a kiss for me


Well poop! Waiting is no fun, what do they do if it "doesn't take?" I'll definitely be praying for a good outcome, no more surgery, on your boobies at least. Be safe on your trip home, I'm sure your family is ready for you to be back too, complaints and all. hugs, Michele


Colleen, I left some goodies at your home this afternoon.

I miss leaving goodies at your home.

Welcome home!

Please get in touch with me when you want me to start bothering you again.

I can wait for you.


Karen Parker

Oh Colleen, I thought once you got home all your worries were over. Here are warm wishes and prayers coming your way. We want that your left boobie to hook up with the necessary blood vessles so all will be just fine.
-Karen, Stephenville, TX

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